Revenue Goals

In any organization, setting viable goals is vital for effective expansion and growth.

At Empire REI we have set a series of short and long-term revenue aspirations, which we will endeavor to reach in the coming 2018 fiscal year and beyond.


Corporate Quantified Aspirations


  • Short-Term Aspiration                         •   Long-Term Aspiration

    1. 2018 => $400,000 revenue                                                         1. 5 year aspiration => $3MM revenue      2. 3 year aspiration => $1.2MM revenue

                     50% profit                                                                   40% profit



Key Performance Indicators

  • Cold Calls per week 
  • PPC campaigns per week 
  • Number of calls generated per week 
  • Opt-ins per week 
  • Follow up calls per week 
  • Follow up appointments per week 
  • Offers made per week 
  • Offers accepted per week 
  • Deals closed per week 
  • Leads generated per week 

Note => Leads can be in the form of calls or web-based.

  • Conversion rates per week 

Note =>  Refers to converting Prospects to sellers.

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