Organizational Structure & Goals


Empire REI will use a structure designed to promote our organization’s goals. Our team consists of any number of individuals who will work together to accomplish a common cause, the mission of Empire REI.
Each individual will fill a certain role within our organization, performing tasks that help achieve the goals set by our leadership.
Each person in the organization will have a specific role defined, including a certain amount of personal responsibility to complete tasks that further Empire’s accomplishment of its goals.


Design a workflow process utilizing Vision Kitchen’s Remote Agile Team system as the approach. We will use the data collected in the initial assessment with the purpose of creating the final product catalog, and divide all the prioritized work items into Evolutions to be executed on a regular basis until completing each Event Horizon.

Products and Services

Two distinct service propositions:
 1. Sellers => Quick Cash, Empire REI performs all sales related tasks.
* Empire REI strives to create a simple and smooth experience for the seller.
 2.Buyers => Empire REI provides the investor excellent quality home Investments.
* No daisy chain property.
* Empire REI will be actively recruiting prospective buyers.

Note => Trust is mission critical in both service propositions. Establishing trust with both, sellers and buyers, will increase the likelihood of success of every Event Horizon.

Client / Customer Care

• Design Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for prospect to seller conversions.
=>The intended outcome is an easy and smooth experience, from the initial contact to the closing of the property.

• Design SOPs for the buyers / investors.
=> The intended outcome is an easy and smooth closing transaction, with an expedited Event Horizon and the best possible ROI, creating a win-win, both for the buyers and for Empire REI.

Corporate Culture

Design, implement, and execute a culture of excellence within Empire REI, which promotes the vision, mission and values that will guide the actions and every business transaction all our personnel will be involved in.

Business Structure

At Empire REI, we view business development as a team sport. Where different positions are assigned to humans with a huge variety of talents, skills and abilities. These team positions are all vital to the functionality of Empire, and for that to happen effectively we will implement a structure and a process which will empower all our team members to perform at their best!


President and CEO

• Our CEO, Langston Welch, is responsible for the global vision and mission of the company, as well as leading all our team players into the bright future that awaits Empire REI.

Virtual Assistant- Lead Manager

• Responsible for taking and following up on all inbound calls. Leads can come through any inbound source that we have, whether that’s bandit signs, Google pay-per-click, Facebook campaigns, or anything else that requires somebody calling or submitting a form online on our website
• Returns and/or follows up on first contact seller. Calls IMMEDIATELY within the first 5 mins of call or web submission
• Screens seller prospects thoroughly for interest AND urgency to sell and refers information to the Acquisition Associate
• Manages, categorizes and follows up on each lead routinely
• Sets appointments for the Acquisition person
• Makes outbound marketing calls

Administrative Virtual Assistant

• This team player is responsible for any list scrubbing, administrative work, paperwork, excel sheet building and posting craigslist ads. In short, anything that they can do in the computer and on the cloud, which empowers our decision makers with time to pursue other business transactions.

Cold Caller

• This team member is dedicated to making as many calls as possible to find those “golden nugget” deals. Will cold call proprietary vacant list, skip traced leads, fsbo ads, This position requires that a team member be a proactive, self starter and doesn’t mind getting through the ‘No’s’ to find that ‘YES’…

Courthouse Lead Runner

• Responsible for generating quality leads from the probate office.

Sign Thrower

• This person is responsible for placing, on average, 100 sign per week in strategic locations. Constantly flooding the streets with our signs and making Empire REI’s presence ubiquitous in all of South Florida!

Acquisition Manager

•  Owns/Manages the relationship between the seller and our company
• Goes on appointment promptly
• Builds TONS of rapport and is genuinely friendly and easy to get along with
• Takes pictures
• Understands cost of repairs
• Presents offers and gets contracts signed
• Helps collect all details needed to close from seller

Disposition Manager

• Owns/Manages the relationship with the buyer
• Market pictures, calls buyers,
• Shows property to prospective buyers
• Gets contract from buyer
• Helps collect all details needed to close from buyer

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